It’s been a zip line kind of summer at LV. We’ve gone fast, crashed hard, and made a big splash in a good kind of way. Pictured here is an 87 year old man who knows what it’s like to go hard and land hard or go home. Just this last weekend, as I was standing on the lake dock, I heard a crowd yell, “there he goes.” As I turned my head, I saw this man flying fast down the zipline.  As he got to the end of the stopping rope, he flew off the handle, flipped, crashed, and made a big splash. That’s the way to finish strong. I gotta tell you, it wasn’t pretty, but he finished. Actually, he landed in a sort of inverted pretzel way, but he landed and survived to get the pic. Now we call him the human aqua pretzel. 😊 By the way, did I mention that he was 87 years old? That’s 87 Strong. I hope I can even crawl by that age. In life, we won’t be perfect in anything we do. God just requires us to do our best and he will do the rest just as he did at LV all summer long.
We have experienced an amazing, fun, and spiritually impacting summer with thousands of changed lives for eternity. I often say that everything done at camp flows to the altar that alters young lives. Philippians 1:6 says, “He that began a good work in you will carry it on until the day of Christ Jesus.” God is asking us to just finish and finish strong. As we transition from camp season to retreat season, we want you to have “finish strong” Camp Life moments for you, your family, and friends at Lakeview Camp this fall season. Maybe not crashing in the lake, but coming to LV to experience all that we have to offer. Please contact us, come out for a tour, and let us help you customize a special event or retreat that will make a splash and meet all your group’s needs.

Jaroy Carpenter
Executive Director